Friday, November 23, 2012

Fielding the College Question: New Sport for Seniors

How did your high school senior answer "the question" that certainly came up at Thanksgiving dinner? You know, "So, Susie, where are you applying?" Or, "Mark, where will you be going to college?"

Our daughter, for the most part, isn't talking. She finds that it is easier this way. It was her decision, and I support it. In solidarity, we are posting a notice on the front door asking Christmas dinner guests to refrain from asking questions about college.

Maybe that is too dramatic (though I still think I will do it.) Still, there are alternative approaches to handling college questions during the next month or so of holiday gatherings.

Here's where we stand today -- standardized testing is done (until AP exams in the spring), all transcripts sent, letters of recommendation have reached their destinations, the Common Application is completed. Now it's time to get the supplemental applications wrapped up, including what seems to be about 20 or so essays of varying lengths and difficulty.

It's a long road, nearing the end. Or at least it's nearing the end of the application process that our senior can control. Soon enough it will be out of her hands. That alone will be cause for celebration.