Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Godsend Thy Name Is Naviance

During freshman orientation last fall, we heard in passing about Naviance. But there were more pressing things to absorb that night so we forgot about it. Now, though, it's time to pay attention.

According to its website, Naviance serves more than 70,000 educators and five million students in 72 countries, providing study plans and college information. I guess you could call it a dashboard for the admissions process.

About a month ago I asked a knowledgeable mom what college directories her family used. She explained that today it's all about Naviance. Here's her executive summary on this service. "Naviance is a robust system that enables the student to input classes taken, grades received, SAT scores etc. Then the student can fill in desired attributes for a college: big school, liberal arts, engineering, rural, city, etc., and it then provides a list of the schools that meet the criteria. It even reports if the school is a target, reach or safety.

"It also tells you the number of students from your high school who applied to the specific schools you are applying to, what there credentials were and if they got in or not. Once you apply to your schools it also tracks when the SAT scores, transcripts and recommendations were sent."

Start getting to know Naviance this summer -- and urge your teen to do so, too. It's an amazing tool.

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