Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer's Good for Scouting Out Options

Private College Week is a great concept. A number of private schools in a state (Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Virgina and Wisconsin are ones I spotted in a search) group together to offer special tours and presentations all in the same summer week.

This means a family can visit a number of schools during a vacation. The Virgina event, running this week, also offers an incentive; if three or more schools are visited by a student during the week, application fees will be waived on three private colleges among the 25 involved in the program. It's a nice little perk for participating. And it makes the process a lot easier for families if there are a number of target schools in the same state.

Summer's a good time to take campus tours -- they will bring websites and directory descriptions to life and can help in the process of determining the final list. And where to have an interview later.

Our teen has no idea about where she'll want to apply. But that doesn't keep this mom from urging her to start some preliminary thinking. That's why there is a college directory in the car. On that long, long drive to Maine later this summer, just imagine how many colleges we'll pass.

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