Sunday, August 15, 2010

Procastination -- Not Just Teen Affliction

For all that I do to make sure our teen gets assignments done -- nag, be disappointed, try to ignore -- I often forget two painful truths:

1. She is almost always on top of things, but may do them in her own time frame, which is not necessarily mine.
2. I've got the procrastination problem too, sometimes. I have not published a post in 10 days. I said summer would be light, but never anticipated this degree of sparseness.

So who has shown the lack of discipline? No one cares that our dog got into mouse bait (dog is fine), that my new laptop was acting in a bizarre fashion and it took hours to correct, that the old van stopped running in the middle of an errand, that the teen and I went away for a few days and now, we are all going camping.

Still, even a level of procrastination may get in the way of preparing for the sprint to college -- tests, applications, interviews, essays. It will certainly be a time of growing self-awareness for our teen, who will be a high school sophomore and learning a great deal about herself.

That's good. According to interesting, semi-academic piece on teen procrastination,
"...we all have to 'grow up' a bit to decrease our procrastination. Procrastination may be, in part, a developmental issue. I know many parents of teenagers will agree (and perhaps find some hope that procrastination may decrease as developmental issues of identity resolve)."

OK, so it's just a phase for our teen. What's my excuse?

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