Monday, January 30, 2012

I Wouldn't Want to Be in Vassar Admissions Today

I know mistakes can happen. I know that as wonderful as technology is, it can cause headaches and even heartbreak. Here's an illustration: on Friday afternoon,Vassar sent "congratulations you've been accepted" emails to students who'd applied to the school's via Early Decision II. Except, the email had been a test, a placeholder, that was sent in error. So for about 30 minutes, 76 kids who were not accepted thought they were -- and alerted friends and family. Read here for more of the sad details.

One elated student went back to read the happy news again, and saw that in truth he'd been declined. Of course Vassar is mortified and apologetic, but geez, isn't the admissions process emotionally difficult enough without getting accepted when you've actually been rejected.

It has happened at other schools - this is not a first. But this morning, those disappointed students and their parents will be calling Admissions -- it will be the first time since this all happened Friday that they have been able to scream, cry or try to be rational in speaking with an admissions officer.

I wouldn't want to be on either side of that call. But one thing is almost certain. This sure won't happen again, at least not at Vassar.

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