Friday, April 27, 2012

Good Grief, It's Just a Test. Hah!

It's test season for high school juniors -- SAT or ACT, subject tests, AP exams. And then there's finals. It's enough to make a kid go crazy, enough to create sympathy pains in parents. We all know that the best advice is to stay calm and remember it's only a test. Even if you happen to believe that it's a test that could well determine your future happiness, earnings, professional and personal success. See, these tests aren't important at all! Just as a refresher, here are some tips on successful studying, ranging from changing the environment (at your desk for a while, then at the kitchen table) to taking lots of practice tests, which is more effective than just going over notes again and again. On the day of the test, try to remember these hints. It's pretty basic -- eat breakfast, take deep breaths, stay upbeat as possible. And parents, be kind and understanding. The stress is greater than when we were applying to college, and so are the odds of getting into a college of choice. But help them understand that you are there for them through the process, the good, bad and confusing. Here's to successful testing, and to getting it over with.

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