Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rutgers Has a Winning Attitude!

And I am not just talking football, since I know so little about it.

Something else caught my eye recently besides the win over Syracuse. It was full-page ad in the Star-Ledger that stated, "Research universities ask questions. A great research university asks GREAT questions." Here's a closer look at some research done by undergraduates. It's impressive.

Some may think that such an ad, in a time of rising tuition, is a poor way to spend money. But I think institutions sometimes need to remind people about what makes them great, what makes them matter -- especially when thousands of New Jersey's high school seniors are getting ready to apply to college.

So that brings up a question close to my heart/mind/anxiety levels -- how is your senior doing in the midst of application craziness? How's the Common App going? Has your little darling tackled some of the supplemental applications?

Nancy Pullen, director of recruitment and enrollment at Rutgers, offers good advice. If your child is interested in Rutgers, she recommends applying now. "There is a required essay on the Rutgers application—be sure to answer the question, but do so in a way that helps us know more about you and the activities that have been meaningful to you. No need to wait until the deadline and get stressed out about the application process. Get a copy of your high school transcript from your guidance counselor so you can complete the 'Self-Reported Academic Record' online. We DO NOT require a copy of your high school record from the guidance office until such time that you are admitted and decide to enroll."

Now that's sage counsel as well as a nice, straightforward process. It could also be confidence-boosting to get an application out the door. And who knows, if the essay is good, it just might be worth reworking for another application.

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