Monday, April 26, 2010

Helping Teens Maintain Their Health Despite Stress

In all of this college admissions stuff, do we put enough emphasis on looking out for the health of our teens? Of course there will be late nights finishing up important assignments; of course there will be anxiety related to the process.

But are we, as parents, watching for signs that it is becoming more than garden-variety stress, perhaps not even related to college concerns? Do we even know what to look for? Or do we assume the tiredness, some depression or other changes, all come with the territory.

I just came across a hospital-sponsored website for teens that provides answers for a range of questions that appear to be painfully real. The thoughtful, detailed answers seem helpful. Just as important, the person responding shows respect and concern for the teen's issue.

Where do teens turn when they've got questions that they choose not to ask parents or counselors -- or know it is beyond their friends' expertise? A serious, reputable site such as this one is a great resource. So are family friends or relatives your teen trusts.

Talk with your teen about people who might serve as a sounding board. I'll bet you both can agree on a few wise, kind and sensible people that you can trust to provide good counsel, and that your teen can trust to keep that counsel.

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