Friday, April 9, 2010

What's More Important, Sports or Studies

I have little interest in sports. When I do support a team, I'm a fair weather fan: a team is in the play-offs or the Sweet 16.

Okay, it is wonderful that Duke won. But is there a cost for such success? This column in The New York Times looks at the intersection of sports and academics. When a sport is presumed to be part of a college's DNA, does its academic reputation suffer? Does the school itself allow sports to trump class time?

That was the point raised by a Duke professor this week who cited a 2006 internal Duke agreement that ceremonies and celebrations be held in the evening so that classroom time wasn't lost. Part of me says, What the heck, it's just one afternoon. Another part says, are we losing track of the reason kids go to college? Duke does graduate 92 percent of its basketball athletes. But is the culture tilted more to pursuit of studies, or the sports/social sphere.

It's a situation worth noting as students start thinking about the ideal college fit.

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