Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Freshman Year Is Over!

Our teen's freshman year passed quickly, from the painful first days of transition to a far more confident, happy end.

High school has been good for our teen and good for me, too. I more fully understand we have a feet-on-the-ground daughter who has enjoyed getting to know a range of new people and who learned a lot inside and out of the classroom. She has created a good foundation for the academic and personal growth to come.

Last weekend, as part of my effort to get rid of stuff, I came across my junior prom dress. Why had I moved it so many times, why had I kept it? Believe me, it was not a special night -- neither my date nor I was a lot of fun. Anyhow, I looked at that dress, decidedly old fashioned (i.e., covered up), but I remember liking it and how I looked. I asked our teen if, for a hoot, she would try it on. She sweetly did, and suddenly, I was standing in front of me. It fit perfectly and she felt utterly ridiculous.

The dress will be tossed -- but it sure sparked some memories that will remain. After all, reminiscences don't take up space in the house.

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