Thursday, June 3, 2010

High School Course Cutbacks

It's the trickle-down theory at work. Without getting into the byzantine nature of New Jersey politics or the property tax horrors afflicting so many Garden State communities, let's just say that most school districts have been trying to figure out how to get by on less. In our town, we've just had a look at how these cutbacks may play out.

The high school needs a new choir director; in the past this person also taught AP Music Theory. The position is being advertised as part-time, and there will be no AP Music class taught.

Our teen came from a small private school to the big high school in part because of greater opportunities -- in academics and music.

In times of belt-tightening, pain must be shared. But we're all scared. What next? Will a school noted for its excellence in the arts soon be noted for its glorious past and now grim future?

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