Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We Just Think We're the Center of the Universe

It has been said, and I am sure it is true, that the East and West coasts are where college admissions takes on a life of its own -- as monster. In these two locations, the whole process transforms itself into a ravenous monster that tortures students and their families for two years or so, then consumes them in one mighty gulp.

Is it like this in other parts of the country -- or do kids, high schools and parents take a more reasoned, less frantic approach?

The New York Times' "The Choice" blog will help us see how students in another part of the country react to the pressures and fears through the posts of six Denver-area seniors. Here's background on the kids and The Times' reasoning behind this addition to its blog. I think this is one I'll follow. We could all use some perspective.

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