Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Science of Applying to Art and Music Schools

You think the personal essay is tough? Imagine what it's like to apply to an art school or conservatory. It means providing a portfolio or recordings or possibly auditioning. That sounds pretty scary to me.

Kids involved in the arts can talk to their counselors and arts/music teachers for tips. But if you are at sea about what might be requested, take a look at this collection of tips.

It's basic, but will get you and your teen thinking about college vs. conservatory, or art school vs. a college with a great fine arts department. And here are some additional points to remember about the arts application process, including my favorite: "Parents, take a chill pill."

That means in this gyrating and ugly economy, many parents want their kids to major in something practical, that will lead to a good job. And they fear that will not be the case with the arts. But, arts students are generally skilled at presenting and are accustomed to taking and acting on criticism.

So, applause for the arts!

Karen Horton blogs at Guidance

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