Monday, August 1, 2011

Virginia's Struggle with In-State, Out-of-State Balance

Some states have what seems to be an enviable problem: colleges that kids from other states really want to attend. One of the most obvious examples is Virginia -- particularly the University of Virginia and William & Mary. A long time ago William & Mary rejected me. Sounds as if it would be no different today.

These schools are so popular that in-state families complain about the inability of their children to be accepted. And sometimes they blame the out-of-staters, as described here. A state legislator wants to put even greater restrictions on the numbers of accepted students from out of state.

It's a real problem. Here in New Jersey, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get into state colleges because the economy is forcing students who might normally have gone elsewhere to stay in their home state. We don't seem to have the influx that Virginia faces.

As easy as it is to understand the frustration of Virginians who see carpetbaggers coming in and taking their kids' spaces, it's also true that college should be a horizon-expanding experience -- and that would include gaining the viewpoints of students from all over the country, and the world.

What do you think? Should state schools be more restrictive when it comes to who's accepted?

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