Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Is Senior Year Obsolete?

Our junior finished her last final on Friday. She is now doing time -- in the classroom. To fulfill the state-mandated 180 days of school, she and her classmates are supposed to spend three more half-days in school. What a waste. What's worse? Some educators think the entire senior year is a waste and should be abolished.

There's the belief that colleges really only look at junior year grades and nothing beyond that. That's simply not true, as counselors and educators explain constantly. The rigor of the classes, and the performance in them, does matter. Recently, Texas Christian University sent letters to 100 accepted students, telling them to explain the drop-off in senior year grades. Here's the letter, and some interesting reactions to TCU's steps to overcome senior lethargy, no matter how understandable it is.

Others think that senior year is a time to re-engage students, so that they are ready to deal with the higher academic expectations of college. It seems that high schools are constantly seeking ways to keep the academic fires burning during senior year, that last hurdle before college Here's a compilation of different viewpoints, from Education Week.

Well, here's a toast to all rising seniors: May you rise to the occasion, taking full advantage of all of the opportunities senior year offers. Cheers!

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