Sunday, July 1, 2012

If Done for the Right Reasons, Gap Years Are Goodn Be Good

A gap year before starting college can be a wonderful thing. It gives a student who may feel worn out from the pressures of senior year breathing space before tackling college. Or, maybe the teen wants to travel, and realizes that once college starts the rat race of life is in full swing.Or, just as likely, a student may not feel he or she knows which direction to take once in college and wants time to figure it out - maybe working in a potential field or taking some courses in an area of interest. Here's an article on some of the options. From the parent's side, I can see where gap years may make sense. But I would sure hope my teen had been accepted to college and gotten a year's deferment so that the year could be focused on the gap experience and not colored by college application worries.

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