Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Big, New Option for Textbooks

College costs a boatload of money, as we all know. And after you've shelled out untold thousands of dollars for tuition and board, the high cost of textbooks adds salt to the cost-of-college wound.

Here's some interesting news. Amazon has entered the textbook market through rentals. The rental, prices will vary depending on the book, is for 130 days. It's accompanied by a free 6-month trial of the student version of Amazon Prime. You may want to tell your college students to take a look. The books are new or gently used. Light underlining/highlighting is ok -- but if the marking goes overboard, the book must be purchased. Books may also be purchased outright, too.

Other similar sites include chegg.com and bookrenter.com. It might be worth sampling costs of specific books at all sites (and for a laugh, at the campus bookstore)to determine which offers the best prices.

Happy studying -- especially if you can save some money.

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