Wednesday, August 1, 2012

You Tube Helps Admissions Process? Who Knew?

Not only do teens need to understand what a college is about -- academics, culture, diversity, feel of campus -- before it makes the list, they also need to know enough about the college to sound smart when asked, "So why do you want to attend our school" on the inevitable short answer question on the college's own application that generally supplements the Common App. You Tube, it turns out, is a good source for some decent information. More than 400 colleges now have tours, lectures and other information available on You Tube. So take a look. It's sure to be more lively than a catalog or a directory of colleges. Also, an update in another area. Remember how the College Board said it would institute new security measures? The new regimen has begun with the October SAT. Students must submit a photo of themselves online along with registration information and payment. Then the College Board emails the ticket, with photo, which must be presented on test day.

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