Monday, August 6, 2012

Typos Make Me Laugh, Till They're In a College App

We've all made typos in our lives, but some are more public than others. Take this headline I just saw: "25 Education Bogs Perfect for Parents (And Anyone Else)

First, I sort of agree that education in the U.S. is at times one messy sinkhole but somehow I don't think that's what the writer meant. Next, did the blogger go back and re-read the piece before publishing? Was the typo validated by spell check, since bog is a word? Or was it just a careless mistake?

Before spell check, we just had to proof our own work. There were no helpful tools. Or are they helpful? Maybe they are dangerous if we rely on them blindly and don't take responsibility ourselves. Here's a funny piece on the problems with Autocorrect -- some of the "corrections" can be pretty embarrassing.

This is a long way of saying that as your seniors begin working on their applications for college, remind them to proof carefully, because autocorrect may have a warped sense of humor. After all, was it really the teen's intent to give heartfelt reasons for wanting to attend Duck University?

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