Thursday, February 17, 2011

Colleges, Think About Your Messages

Ever since our daughter took the PSATs as a sophomore, she has been swamped with emails and letters from colleges. She is astounded by the silliness of the correspondence.

As she says, they all say the same thing, in slightly different format: 7 "Must-Know Campus Visit Tips," "Four Things You Need to Know about College," take the "Your Personality...Your Major" online quiz, another quiz called "Major Decision Time," "5 Expert Tips about Scholarships and Financial Aid." And so on, and so on.

Hey guys, sophisticate up. These are hokey, silly and a waste of money -- at least that's how the teen in this household perceives it.


  1. They are also virtually identical. Schools should realize that the marketing companies they hire to do these mailings are making them indistinguishable from everyone else's mailings. One exception this week was Skidmore. Just a postcard, but my kid picked it out of the pile because it said, "Are you a creative thinker?"

    (Another 10th grade mom)