Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is There Any Time for Good, Old-Fashioned Recreational Reading?

Amidst all of the homework, the prepping, sports, clubs, socializing in person or online, getting a little sleep, is there any reading of unassigned books going on?

First, my personal confession. Though I read print newspapers and periodicals, my weak showing in book reading is a personal embarrassment. How can I urge our teen to read books of her choosing (but not necessarily ones she had read before) when I am not doing it myself.

There is an interesting trend -- an uptick in reading among young people who use e-readers.

If it takes an electronic delivery system to get teens to read, well, I am all for whatever works to broaden their reading menu, give them something new to consider, or allow them to provide an interesting response when asked by an admissions officer what they've been reading.

My husband reads lots of real books. He sets a good example. I do not. So I am going to start reading again. And to hold my feet to the fire, I will report once a week (or so) on what I've read. Who knows, there may still be a book club in my future.

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