Monday, February 14, 2011

Sophomores Look Ahead to All Important Junior Year

One of the guidance counselors at our high school shares what she is telling sophomores now as they begin thinking ahead to next year.

“It is important that students choose their classes carefully for their junior year. They should discuss with their teachers the right levels to take. And they should work at the most difficult level at which they can experience success.”

On their own, she says, they should start considering their summer activities. “If they have an idea about what they are interested in studying, they should begin exploring summer programs. Many are listed in Naviance. Summers are also a good time to seek employment and volunteer work.”

Finally, she reminds us about something we've discussed before -- something that can be done now to ease possible headaches down the road. “Sophomores should be listing all of their activities, honors, awards, athletics, volunteer work and employment now in the resume builder in their personal Naviance accounts. This will greatly ease some of the burden of the application process during senior year.”

And as always, the College Board has specific advice for sophomores. So there you have it -- more homework for sophomores.

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