Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March is a Tough Month -- for Seniors and Admissions Officers

I really can't remember what I was thinking, nearly 100 years ago, while waiting to hear from colleges. Maybe I was keeping myself occupied with working on our yearbook. Or trying to imagine what college life would be like. I was pretty clueless. Though getting into college is a thousand times more complex today, at least teens seem better prepared for their quasi-independent life of academics and play.

But that doesn't make the waiting any easier. And as a parent, I feel the pain, too -- and our wait is two years away. In the spirit of equal empathy for all, try to imagine what it's like for admissions officers as they winnow thousands of applications to reach the magic acceptance number. No question: it's difficult and sometimes painful work, if done right. New Mom's College Cram Course panelist Deborah Gaines, who is mom of a sophomore and The Corporate Writer, shared this piece about Bowdoin admissions.

She said the Bowdoin description gives her hope for the process. I would agree.

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