Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Love at First Sight on Campus Tours?

We'd recently gone on a tour of our state university, and it was fine. From a parent's perspective, I saw it as an overview, a first step, with future visits more focused on academics (classroom visits, etc.) It seemed to feel like the beginning of a friendship, but not love.

Some schools are trying to grab hearts and minds from the start. UNC at Chapel Hill is now offering more personalized tours. The primary tour will place more emphasis on academic buildings. And a second tour, for certain prospects, will allow longer visits to professional schools and departments.

Chapel Hill admissions people see this approach as a way to differentiate it from other schools. It hopes to attract more top state students for visits and encourage greater numbers of academically attractive out-of-state students to apply.

We're new to the campus tour thing. I suspect tour quality is all over the lot. Or maybe, tours are great if teen and parent really want to like the school. One thing is certain: a whole lot of psychology is going on.

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