Friday, March 25, 2011

It's That Time of Year...Dealing with Rejection

Spring brings heartfelt and revealing articles and columns about handling rejection when the college of choice denies or wait lists a student.

One making the rounds this year is a column by Mitch Ablom. It certainly resonated with one high school senior. A teacher who's on the Mom's College Cram Course panel told me about a student of hers: valedictorian, taking college courses already and getting As, but still deferred from Columbia. The young man said he thought this column allowed him to feel that someone really understood the plight of college applicants.

Back when I was applying to colleges, admissions wasn't an industry and as far as I remember, it wasn't particularly newsworthy. Too bad. I could have used some insights, and perspective, when I was dealing with wait list and rejection pain.

But it does seem to hold true. We all wind up at the right place -- or we learn how to make it right. And that's a life skill we'll all need, at least occasionally.

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